Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rohit- the Indian Store Supreme in Eindhoven

Ingredients in the Netherlands are not always easy to come by. For example, you can find baking powder at your local AH (Albert Heijn) but if you want more than what's in a tiny package, you can go to Rohit, the Indian Store Supreme (Okay, that is my name for it). Here is the location in google maps.

Other goodies you can find at Rohit include baking soda (not Arm&Hammer brand, you need to hit a Chinese grocery store for that one), American cake mixes & frostings, Quaker oats, Kraft BBQ sauce, Kool-aid, Jello, Spam(!), popcorn (plain kernels you have to pop yourself), Skippy peanut butter, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, Cracker-Jacks popcorn, and tons of assorted Goya products. In fact, Rohit was the only place I could find black beans when we first arrived! Since this year AH has started stocking black beans, which makes me happy, but I still buy them from Rohit when I'm there for other stuff.

Mike even likes Rohit's "Recreos" which are an oreo-knock-off better than oreos. Unbelievable, right? But they are so good!

For items like maple syrup, 'Great American Marshmellows' and Rice Krispies, check out Jumbo in Veldhoven. The first aisle in Jumbo has lots of great American products including cake mixes, brownies, and other ethnic items like hoisin sauce.


  1. I love taking sneaky pictures at grocery stores! Makes me want to go to the Indian store again for sure. If you are looking for an official taster, you know where to find me.

  2. Hi, I am new to eindhoven, and AH is almost the only place I go, and often I fail to find stuff i need.

    Right now, I am searching for baking sheets, please tell me if u know a go to place...thanks in advance.

  3. Online if you search for bakplaat koekjes nl, you can find a few places that sell them for about 10 euros plus shipping. Or, call to be sure but I've seen the De Dommelsche Watermolen with baking sheets: my post:
    Several places in Eindhoven have cake supplies, though I'm not sure if they have baking sheets- and Jamin. Good luck and happy baking!