Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sugar cookies with a Ballerina Cake

A very sweet girl I know well turned three recently, and I made her a Ballerina Cake and cupcakes.

The cake was a three-layer chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache filling, decorated with white chocolate (colored pink), swiss buttercream, and a sugar cookie ballerina on the top.
Sugar cookies adorned the cupcakes, creating little ballerina costumes that tasted as good as they looked. The method I used included re-shaping an oval cookie-cutter so that I could create the toppers for the cupcakes:
 Then, I decorated the cookies using my basic buttercream frosting and candy pearls.
It seemed like a good idea to make a few crown shaped cookies as well (I purchased that cookie-cutter).
For the cupcakes, I used a petal tip (Wilton #104). Piping a blob in the center to begin, then doing three layers of petals:
I transported the cupcakes and cookies separately, then did the final assembly at the party.
My passion is creating unique desserts that taste as good as they look.
For the chocolate cake, I made a 6" round and two 8" round cakes, and torted them.
I filled the chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, so it was almost like eating a truffle with every bite.
I frosted the cake with Swiss buttercream, and had previously made pink-colored white chocolate decorations in the shape of bows, dots, and zig-zags a few days in advance.
For the ballerina cookie(I made two, in case one broke!), I decorated it with buttercream icing and 'pearls' (that were actually white sprinkles painstakingly placed).
To assemble, I used a white lolipop stick and buttercream icing to secure the cookie to the top of the cake.
Overall, the cake and cupcakes were a hit. The best part was ballerina-loving Leticia's reaction to the cake and cupcakes. Happy Birthday, Leticia! My Dina is so blessed to have you as her friend.


  1. Wow - what a great job! I especially love the ballerina cookie and all the details!