Thursday, September 29, 2011

Starbucks fever

I have to admit that I have Starbucks fever. The smell of a Starbucks coffee shop makes me crave a frappuccino. When we first moved abroad, I was sure I'd still have access to Starbucks. What I did not realize was how expensive that mint mocha frappy is in euros! And I certainly didn't think the closest one would be in the Amsterdam airport- a 1.5 hour train ride! Sometime after we'd been here about a year, a Starbucks opened up at the train station in Utrecht and my husband convinced me to ride the train from Eindhoven to Utrecht with the promise that we'd stop to get a frappy.
Check out my baby-wearing, frappy-carrying, stroller-pushing self. You might wonder why I have a stroller if I'm wearing the baby, but I tell you, you need one- for all the baby accessories!

But this is a food-blog, not a baby blog, so I'll continue... What was neat about this Starbucks was the stroopwaffles for sale at the counter. So Dutch! And so tasty. Good idea, Starbucks.
The next time I got a chance to inhale the sweet smell of a Starbucks shop was in Germany, at the most American-looking mall I'd ever seen in these parts. Thanks to Tracey for taking me there and indulging my need for a frappy while our toddlers munched on Starbucks chocolate chip cookies.

But here is the killer. When I lived in the US (back in 2008) I used to get my signature frappy: tall mint-mocha frappy with 2 pumps of mocha and 1 peppermint. No whip. and I'd pay less than $4.00. Honestly, I didn't get this beverage very often (maybe twice a month?) but I felt like it was reasonable, in some first-world way, to pay about $4 for a small, special (addictive) beverage. I was so excited to see a Starbucks at the Brussels airport last year when we flew to the US! I just couldn't wait to taste that frappy again. Couldn't wait. Uh-huh. No line there, either.
Oh, and I found out why: I ordered my frappy, pulled out a 10 euro note and handed it over. He handed me just over 3 euros in change. I did a double-take and looked at the price list closer:
Yes, you read that right: a TALL Mocha Frappy is 5.60 euros. With my extra shot(s?) that came to over 6 euros. That's about... oh.... NINE DOLLARS.

Now, when I pass through Brussels I have absolutely no interest in buying a drink at the Starbucks that awaits those weary travelers. But I still inhale the fumes as I walk by.

My fabulous mom gives me Starbucks gift cards, (which, unfortunately only work in the US) so I can feed my addiction when I'm back state-side.


  1. That is wacky! The Dutch are always complaining about how Starbucks is way too expensive and I see it now! I mean, not that they're giving the coffee away in the US but it's not enough to complain that much but yeah....that's a good amount of money. And btw, the Starbucks in Miami started carrying stroopwafels! They beat me to it. I was so going to open a business there.

  2. Maybe I should look into the logistics of just mailing you a frappoccino. I bet even with packaging in dry ice and instructions on re-heating, it would still cost me less than $10. You poor pet ... I'll go drink one now in your honor.