Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Starbucks products at Jumbo!

Ooooohhhh guess what!! The Jumbo in Veldhoven has Starbucks prepackaged Qandi Latte Caramel Flavour Coffee! And even used the British spelling of 'flavor'!
And another flavor too- Mocha. This was quite a treat, and the caffeine content was double the amount in normal coffee, as in classic Starbucks fashion.  They were on sale and so I justified my purchase by deciding that 2 euros for one of these was less than a third of the frappy at the airport. Good shopping choices, right?


  1. Just crossed my mind, but another interesting place to find random American products is the Sin Wah Supermarkt on the Kleine Berg 65 in Eindhoven. It is an Asian supermarket with lots of fantastic Asian products, but it also has box mixes for American cakes and even fried chicken! And the Night Shop (equivalent to a convenient store) on the Grote Berg 49 (also Eindhoven) sells American cereals, Fruit Loops & Apple Jacks. For those of us who aren't cooking whizzes! :) Danica Martin

  2. Thanks, Danica! I do love the Asian markets. I have not been to the Night Shop yet, so I will check it out! Thank you!